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Signs That Suggest You Should Replace Your Shock Absorbers

Do you own a car? When was the last time you had it inspected and serviced? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself if you want to keep your car in mint condition. The technology for making these absorbers has drastically improved, bringing into existence a wide range of high-quality suspension components. For instance, if you want to replace the shock absorbers, you have several brands to choose from, such as Fox Shocks.

If you use your car regularly, many of its parts are likely to wear and tear. Among the main components are the shocks. This is because they are always in use when you’re driving. So, when do you have to replace these components? Here are some signs to help you make a reasonable judgment.

Lengthened Stopping Distance

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A car that is in use for a long time without replacement of the shock absorbers is going to increase your halting distances by up to twenty percent. When traveling at high speeds the car is going to take a while before coming to a complete stop when you brake. Twenty percent may not seem like a towering figure, but it is enough to lead to a car accident.

Swerving & Sliding/

If you notice that your vehicle swerves when braking, then your shock absorbers need inspecting. Swerving and dipping are likely experienced when your car’s suspension system has a problem, especially the shocks.

Car sliding is also another indication that something is not right with your brakes and suspension system as well. With weak shocks, your car can be easily detoured on a windy day.


Pay attention to how the ride feels. Do you feel any vibrations when holding the steering wheel? Poor shock absorbers are likely to cause a fatal accident, especially when speeding on rough terrain.

Rocking & Rattling

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Apart from feeling vibrations on the steering wheel, any rattling and rocking of the car are also signs of damaged shock absorbers. For a comfortable trip, it is necessary to replace these suspension parts. If you do not handle this issue, your future journeys are going to be very discomforting.

Uneven Tire Patches

Always have a look at the condition of your car tires. Uneven bald patches on the tires are a solid indication of worn-out shocks. When in such conditions, it becomes hard for the driver to control the vehicle. The grip and control of the tires are also greatly affected, making your future ventures unsafe.

Lastly, if you spot any physical damage on the housing of the shock absorbers, have the parts replaced to avoid misfortune on the road.…