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High-Performance Parts Best For Your Engine

Do you know that you can get a lot from your vehicle with performance parts? However, the parts ought to be the right fit and installed properly. The truth is that different high-performance parts increase horsepower and help your engine attain their full potential. There are bolt-on engine modifications that can help unlock more torque and horsepower. These offer faster acceleration, increased towing capacity, and better pass-and-merge ability. The following are some of the parts you can install to transform the engine’s performance.


You may consider getting rid of the original stock muffler with an aftermarket exhaust system. It is advisable to install slip-on mufflers to help unleash the power and improve the exhaust system. You should note that performance mufflers are designed to provide superior flow and deep tone without generating noise in the cabin.

Cylinder Head

This is a primary component that gets air/fuel to be burned and the exhaust out of your engine. Manufactured cylinder heads are heavy, but high-performance heads are ideal for tracking performance. Most performance heads are manufactured from aluminum that dissipates heat faster and cools the engine.

Air Filters

With a cold air intake kit or air filter, you have parts that can help increase airflow. A cold air kit helps make your engine fuel-efficient and boosts horsepower. Average air intake tubes are not built for fuel economy or performance. Usually, a performance filter is made of quality materials that provide a speed boost.


A car that has a carburetor can be upgraded. You should note that the carburetor is designed to mix gasoline and air before being burned in the engine. In this case, you can upgrade the barrels to improve overall engine performance. For example, you can upgrade a two-barrel carburetor to four. You will need to install a new intake manifold but will increase speed.


Crankshafts play an important role in converting linear energy into rotational energy. These help move your car forward. Ideally, a typical OEM crankshaft is a bit heavy and can hold your car back a bit. When you install lightweight cranks, you allow your engine to start up quickly. That is an important upgrade for racing cars. Also, the reduced mass allows for more nimble, quicker acceleration.

You need high-performance parts for your car to improve its engine performance and acceleration. However, you have to ensure the parts are installed correctly.