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Signs That Suggest You Should Replace Your Shock Absorbers

Do you own a car? When was the last time you had it inspected and serviced? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself if you want to keep your car in mint condition. The technology for making these absorbers has drastically improved, bringing into existence a wide range of high-quality suspension components. For instance, if you want to replace the shock absorbers, you have several brands to choose from, such as Fox Shocks.

If you use your car regularly, many of its parts are likely to wear and tear. Among the main components are the shocks. This is because they are always in use when you’re driving. So, when do you have to replace these components? Here are some signs to help you make a reasonable judgment.

Lengthened Stopping Distance

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A car that is in use for a long time without replacement of the shock absorbers is going to increase your halting distances by up to twenty percent. When traveling at high speeds the car is going to take a while before coming to a complete stop when you brake. Twenty percent may not seem like a towering figure, but it is enough to lead to a car accident.

Swerving & Sliding/

If you notice that your vehicle swerves when braking, then your shock absorbers need inspecting. Swerving and dipping are likely experienced when your car’s suspension system has a problem, especially the shocks.

Car sliding is also another indication that something is not right with your brakes and suspension system as well. With weak shocks, your car can be easily detoured on a windy day.


Pay attention to how the ride feels. Do you feel any vibrations when holding the steering wheel? Poor shock absorbers are likely to cause a fatal accident, especially when speeding on rough terrain.

Rocking & Rattling

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Apart from feeling vibrations on the steering wheel, any rattling and rocking of the car are also signs of damaged shock absorbers. For a comfortable trip, it is necessary to replace these suspension parts. If you do not handle this issue, your future journeys are going to be very discomforting.

Uneven Tire Patches

Always have a look at the condition of your car tires. Uneven bald patches on the tires are a solid indication of worn-out shocks. When in such conditions, it becomes hard for the driver to control the vehicle. The grip and control of the tires are also greatly affected, making your future ventures unsafe.

Lastly, if you spot any physical damage on the housing of the shock absorbers, have the parts replaced to avoid misfortune on the road.…

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5 Reasons why Faux Leather Seat Covers are Trendy

Getting the right car seats is not the easiest thing to do considering that there is a wide-ranging selection to choose from. However, your ultimate goal should be to find car seats that blend comfort, affordability, and durability. Below are five reasons why faux leather seats stay ahead of the trendy park in the auto care industry besides having a perfect mix of the above qualities

Territorial specifications

Car seat covers are not universal products. They are tailored by regions or territorial car markets because auto manufacturers churn out different models for different parts of the world. It follows that a car that is meant for one continent isn’t necessarily available in another. Territorial car market specifications bring about the difference in seat sizes. Faux leather seats cover helps you to take care of this problem by offering adjustable car seat covers. This means that you can use a single seat cover on different auto models.

Durable designs

putting them inThe beauty of going for a standard car seat cover lies in the process that’s used to tailor it to perfection. Professional car seat cover designers use metric evaluation methods to determine parts of the car seat that bear most pressure. The pressure points are often eliminated using reinforced seams with horizontal and diagonal linear outlooks – boosting the seat cover’s aesthetic value. Faux leather seats are also designed to resist ultraviolet sun rays – enabling to handle various weather conditions to lower wear and tear incidents.

Easy to install

The covers are simply slipped over the original upholstery. You don’t, therefore, need a specialist to change your car’s interior outlook. Some people find it advisable to go for an assortment of colors. This enables them to change their cars’ interior color scheme at whim. Slipping on different car seat covers can help you make a formidable fashion statement since you can match the color of your clothes with that of your car seats.

Nothing is left out

You don’t have to add anything to a faux leather car seat. Most of the designs have provisions for armrests, headrest and console sections of a car seat. This saves you the cost of extra expenses that often comes with other seat cover brands. The uniformity created by these seat covers gives them a simple look with a touch of sophistication that’s likely to be the hallmark of your car seat’s elegance.

Tried and tested

strong last long timeAll-weather car seats covers are not easy to come by. Many are subsequently forced to acquire different car seat covers for different occasions. For example, it’s not wise to drive a convertible in dusty areas if your car covers are made of velvet materials.

Rainy weather requires car seats with waterproof properties as sunny areas call for car covers with the ability to stand UV sunrays. Leather seat covers are designed to survive varied weather conditions without wearing off fast. The fact that they come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty speaks volumes about their quality assurance whether you’re purchasing from a brick and mortar store or a certified online vendor.…

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Reasons to Service Your Car Regularly

Servicing your car regularly is the best way to maintain quality. It is recommended that you service your car after it covers a certain distance. When you buy a car, it comes with a service schedule that gives you a guideline on servicing and maintaining.

Unfortunately, many people tend to ignore this important procedure. Keeping your car in good conditioning is the best way to enjoy using your come. When it comes to car service, it is recommended that you look for a good auto shop. Here are some reasons to service your car regularly:

Save money

Taking your car for servicing might seem expensive because you will need to spend money. However, it is possible to save cost by keeping your car in good condition. When you service your car regularly, it is easy to identify minor problems before they service

Repairing minor problems is a cost saving aspect. When you ignore minor problems in your car, then you will end up spending a lot of money for repairs. You can always save money on repair by servicing your car regularly.

Avoid accidents

Servicing your car is also a good way to avoid accidents. Technical faults cause some of the accidents on the road with your car. It is important to get all parts of the vehicle checked before you drive it. Making sure that all the parts are working properly, will avoid accidents due to technical faults. A car that has undergone proper servicing will always give you the best driving experience. You don’t have to worry about your safety.

Maintain a new look

If you want to maintain a new look for your car, then it is important to service it regularly. You need to adhere to the recommended service schedule so that you can get the results that you want from your car. During the service schedule, the auto technicians will restore your car and give it a new car. That is the reason why many vintage cars are still running like new ones.

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Avoid rapid depreciation

A car is an asset that depreciates over time, but it is possible to avoid rapid depreciation. When you maintain your car through regular car servicing, people will appreciate the value and the care. When you finally decide to sell the car, you will be able to fetch a good price for the car.…